Agricultural Education BSA

AGED BSA provides students with skills and knowledge to succeed in the teaching profession and related careers. The program prepares students to teach agriculture in public and private schools, and specialized post-secondary technical programs.

Additionally, there are many exciting career options for students who are not interested in entering the classroom. The Agricultural Education program of study is broad and flexible, allowing students to gain a basic understanding of careers in Georgia's biggest industry — agriculture. What can I do with a major in Agricultural Education?

Agricultural Education faculty provide instruction in teaching methods, curriculum planning, leadership development and community study. Students choose technical agriculture courses that fit their interests and career plans. Students also complete clinical teaching practicum under the direction of a cooperating teacher in middle and high schools.

Program Contact

Eric D. Rubenstein
Eric D. Rubenstein Associate Professor
Agricultural Leadership, Education & Communication

Georgia Agricultural Education

Agricultural Education Teaching Jobs in Georgia lists teaching vacancies in Georgia. Under Subject, click on Agricultural Education. For the most up-to-date information on positions, contact the FFA State Staff Regional Directors via email:

Agricultural Education - Dr. Rubenstein
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Meridith Franks and Jaky Cervantes
Kalie Hall, Class of 2015
Andy Paul, Class of 2018
Agriculture Education Class of 2016
Agriculture Education Class of 2016