The Department of Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication promotes food, environmental and social sustainability through experiential education. With a focused curriculum in leadership, education, and communication theory and practice, we are committed to changing lives through Georgia's land-grant mission.

ALEC degrees provide students with the knowledge, skills and experiences they need to thrive in their careers and community and to change lives. We offer the following degrees:

  • Bachelor's degree in agricultural education (Teacher preparation)
  • Bachelor's degree in agricultural communication
  • Master's degree in agricultural and environmental education
  • uLEAD: Certificate in Leadership and Service

Motto: Promoting food, environmental and social sustainability through experiential education

Vision: Empower communities toward food, environmental and social sustainability through leadership, education and communication.

Mission: Develop leaders, educators and communicators to engage in food systems that are environmentally and socially sustainable. The mission will be accomplished by:

  • Preparing agricultural educators who teach youth and adults – through formal and informal methods in a variety of contexts – about food, fiber and natural resource systems
  • Developing professionals who lead effective change in the context of agricultural and environmental systems on local, state, national and international levels
  • Preparing agricultural communicators to disseminate information to agribusinesses, government agencies, educational and nonprofit centers and institutes, and media outlets
  • Creating and disseminating knowledge about the agricultural leadership, education and communication educational process through research and development

Students receive personal attention and a challenging and supportive learner-centered educational environment. We offer a small-school atmosphere amidst the abundant opportunities and resources at UGA.

ALEC faculty are highly rated for their teaching, research and outreach programs in teacher education, extension education, leadership development, service learning, program development and evaluation, internationalization of curriculum, distance education, information and technology transfer, and organizational and community change.