Give Me Flowers: Measuring Social Media Advertising Strategies for Floral Products

This research project focused on understanding if consumers would be more likely to remember an advertisement to purchase cut flowers if the social media advertisement was animated. We created three different social media ads and then applied animation to each of the ads. The ads were tested with consumers in a large research project focused on cut flower purchasing behavior. The findings from this research indicated consumers' preferred advertisements without animation and that featured cut roses. Also, consumers were more likely to remember the type of flower in the advertisement when it showed roses and did not include animation. In the future, research will be designed to understand why consumers prefer ads with roses and how that translates to their likelihood of purchasing cut flowers.

Jessica Holt
Jessica Holt Associate Professor
Agricultural Leadership, Education & Communication
Julie Campbell
Julie Campbell Assistant Professor; Emphasis: Consumer horticulture & consumer behavior
Benjamin Campbell
Benjamin Campbell Associate Professor & Extension Coordinator
Agricultural & Applied Economics