Environmental Education Certificate

Certificate in Environmental Education
Certificate in Environmental Education

The Certificate in Environmental Education offers students the opportunity to develop teaching and leaderships skills in the context of environmental education.  The program is jointly offered by ALEC and the Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources.

Environmental education (EE) moves individuals from awareness to action. The certificate program will develops students' awareness of local and global environmental issues, knowledge of the environment and its associated problems, motivation to actively participate in environmental improvement, skills for identifying and solving environmental problems, and ability to act toward resolving environmental problems (UNESCO, 1978).

The Environmental Education Certificate builds students’ environmental content knowledge, communication skills (through a capstone teaching experience), critical thinking ability about environmental issues, and commitment to being an environmentally responsible citizen.  Students will create new knowledge about the environmental and natural history; develop effective teaching and communication skills; implement a variety of strategies for assessing EE learning outcomes; and demonstrate content knowledge, teaching ability, and assessment strategies through an experiential learning capstone course.

Students complete 18 hours of course work including:

  • FANR 444S: Foundations of Environmental Education
  • Environmental and Life Science content course (ANTH 3090; BIOL 1103; CRSS 3050; ECOL 1000; FANR(MARS) 1100; WILD (FISH) 3000; GEOG 1125)
  • Two pedagogical and communication skills courses (AGED 2001; AGED 4350; AGED 4360; ALDR 3820; EDUC 2130; ESCI 4430)
  • Program development and evaluation course (AGCM 3600; AGED 4340; ALDR 4710; EDIT 4180; EDIT 4210)
  • Teaching capstone experience (AGED 4000; AESC 4920S)