Portrait of Alexa Lamm
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Portrait of Alexa Lamm


  • Doctor of Philosophy in Agricultural Education and Communication, University of Florida (2011)
    Dissertation Title: Effect of Organizational Context on Extension Evaluation Behaviors
  • Master of Agriculture in Extension Education, Colorado State University (2000)
  • Bachelor of Science in Equine Sciences (1999)
    Science Concentration


Recent Publications

  • Lamm, A. J., Warner, L. A., Lundy, L. K., Bommidi, J. S., & Beattie, P. (2018). Informing water-saving communication using the situational theory of problem solving. Landscape and Urban Planning, 180, 217-222. DOI: 10.1016/j.landurbplan.2018.09.006
  • Lamm, A. J., & Lamm, K. W. (2017). Mapping the money: A social network analysis of funding relationship amongst higher education biology opinion leaders. Natural Sciences Education, 46. Doi: 10:4195/nse2017.03.006
  • Lamm, A. J., Warner, L. A., Martin, E. T., White, S. A., & Fisher, P. (2017). Enhancing extension programs by discussing water conservation technology adoption with growers. Journal of Agricultural Education, 58(1), 251-266. https://doi.org/10.5032/jae.2017.01251