Master of Agricultural and Environmental Education

MAEE develops professionals to lead, teach and communicate about food, environmental and social systems.  Candidates must complete an approved program of 36 semester hours of graduate work (see MAEE Course Checklist). Thesis and non-thesis options are available. The MAEE degree program is available online or face-to-face on the Athens or Tifton campuses.

Learners in the MAEE program will:

  • Work in leadership positions within the agricultural and environmental sciences industry
  • Educate the public about agricultural and environmental sciences
  • Communicate with the public about agricultural and environmental sciences issues
  • Use leadership skills to solve challenging problems of society
  • Conduct original research that promotes food, environmental, and social sustainability

More Information

Graduate Certificates in Other Departments of Interest to MAEE Students

Graduate Coordinator

James C. Anderson, II Associate Professor
Agricultural Leadership, Education & Communication