Reactions and Reflections

Former Project FOCUS students reflect on their time in the classroom...

"The program has benefited me much more than I thought it would. My involvement with children simply makes me happy. Seeing them has been the highlight of my week every week, and the fact that the feeling is mutual makes it even better!"

- Animal Science Major

"So did I have an impact on my students? I cannot say for sure, but the hugs, the smiles, the pictures, and most importantly, the increased excitement toward science, provided me with feelings of accomplishment. I knew going into the experience that I would not be able to change the world, but I knew that I could share with my students, not only my love for science, but a little love and affection that they might not always see."

- Food Science Major

I have learned so much life experience being able to work with my third graders that I am not sure who learned more: them or me?

Environmental Health Science Major

"It was only a few weeks into the class that I realized just how much I loved going to Barnett Shoals each Monday and Wednesday. The little everyday trials were becoming nothing compared to the rewarding feeling that I had when I left the school." 

- Journalism Major

"Over the past semester, I feel the majority of my students have changed their views and attitudes about science. I can remember some days hearing comments from the children about how fun they thought the activities were for them. I look back on the many smiles and laughs that all of us had throughout the experiments."

- Agricultural Communications Major

I have learned to appreciate the public school system much more through this experience.

Biological Sciences Major

"I believe the best thing regarding this program is the fact that non-education majors in college have the opportunity to bring their knowledge of science to a place where science education is limited."

- Environmental Health Science Major

"The most rewarding moments during Project FOCUS occurred with simple statements from students that made me realize my importance. They stated, 'I don’t want to go back to social studies, I want to do science.'"

- Agricultural Education Major

I believe FOCUS has been a great success for the elementary students, for the teachers, for the university and for us.

Biology and German Major


"I am just overwhelmed by how much I enjoy teaching my students. When I realized that the semester was coming to an end, I became really sad that my time with them was almost over. This program has started to make me think that teaching is a job with which I would never get bored. I would get to meet and hopefully have a positive effect on many children throughout my career. Also, it is a career that is constantly rewarding. The amount of information the kids actually remember is astonishing, and knowing I took part in that makes me feel great. This was definitely the best three hours of credit I’m earning this semester. "

- Animal Science Major

Above and beyond the sparkle in their eyes and overcoming challenges along the way, I felt a feeling of satisfaction in teaching the children things they would otherwise not have learned until later.

Animal Science Major

"I saw my role in the classroom not as a teacher who conveys facts (in whatever interesting and hands-on manner), but as a person who teaches excitement for science and gets the kids to think about cause and effect on a very simple level. From what I have heard the kids always looked forward to me coming in to teach."

- Agricultural Education Major

"Most importantly, I felt as though I had a positive impact on the students and that their excitement for science was amplified a hundred times by the fact that there was a new face (me) teaching it and that we were able to incorporate multiple hands-on experiments each week."

- Environmental Health Science Major