Rubenstein Receives Early Career Teaching Award

Congratulations to Dr. Eric Rubenstein who received the Early Career Teaching award from the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. Dr. Rubenstein, an Assistant Professor of Agricultural Education, has been instructing students through the Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication Department since 2014.

During his time as an instructor, he has been largely dedicated to preparing future agricultural educators for their careers in molding young minds and shaping lives in the classroom. He has taught or co-taught 26 courses and advised more than 50 undergraduate and 14 graduate students.

“Teaching is the main reason that I love getting up and coming to work each day. I believe that our role as faculty is exemplified through teaching and the impact that we have on our students and graduates!” Rubenstein said. “I would like to say thank you to the amazing students I have had the opportunity to work with during my time here at The University of Georgia in the ALEC Department!”

Rubenstein guides students through the process of obtaining their Agricultural Education degrees with energy and enthusiasm.

“He used inquiry, student teamwork, and creativity to encourage students’ teaching potential. Besides content knowledge, Dr. Rubenstein strived to develop relationships with each student in the class, so he could differentiate his teaching, so that all students were met at their level,” said Savannah White, Agricultural Education alumna and current middle grades agriculture teacher. “The attention and teaching style used in my first class with Dr. Rubenstein motivated me to continue with a double major, and eventually a master's degree under his guidance.”

Through relationships and support for each of his students, Rubenstein provides guidance that is necessary to prepare them for their careers as in-classroom teachers, FFA chapter advisors, and supervised agricultural experience (SAE) supervisors in the three-circle model of agricultural education.

“I am a better teacher and FFA advisor as a product of Dr. Rubenstein’s investment into and service to his students. Dr. Rubenstein forever changed my ability to provide my students with the three-circle model of agricultural education,” said Dakota Martin, Agricultural Education alumnus and high school agricultural education teacher.

Rubenstein is an active participant in the National FFA Organization and serves on the board of directors as the American Association for Agricultural Education representative. He also contributes significantly on a local level to Georgia FFA by hosting the Agricultural Education career development event (CDE) and has been instrumental in making the CDE a permanent state competition.

Finally, Dr. Rubenstein has co-taught a study abroad trip to Scotland in which students lead Scottish elementary school children in agriculture lessons. Rubenstein and other faculty members take students to Dumfries, Scotland over spring break and carry out service projects related to community-level food insecurity.

Thank you to Dr. Rubenstein for his continued efforts to create better educators through his time inside and outside the classroom!

By Allison Fortner

Dr. Eric Rubenstein was honored with a 2020 Early Career Teaching Award by the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.
Dr. Rubenstein in Scotland
A sign of his commitment to experiential education, Dr. Rubenstein spearheads the ALEC Department's study away program in Scotland during spring break each year.