Alexa Lamm Named 2020 Borlaug CAST Communicator


The University of Georgia’s Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication (ALEC) Department congratulates Dr. Alexa Lamm, the recipient of the 2020 Bourlaug CAST Communication Award Winner.


Lamm, an associate professor of science communication in the UGA ALEC Department, is a classroom educator and celebrated researcher, while she has also been crucial in launching our department’s Ph.D. program that will welcome its first students fall 2020.


This honor, presented by the Council for Agricultural Science and Technology (CAST), is awarded to a professional within ag and environmental sectors who is instrumental in advancing science in the public policy arena.


Lamm exemplifies this in her social sciences effort by writing, teaching, and educating about the advancements of agricultural technology and translating scientific information for policymakers, farmers and agriculturalists across the globe. Much of her work focuses around water protection, conservation and policy. Lamm’s achievements include more than 150 peer-reviewed journal articles, educational presentations in more than 32 countries and millions of dollars in extramural research funding.


In her role at UGA, she teaches science communication courses, advises graduate students, and welcomes freshmen through a First Year Odyssey Seminar each year. Lamm also serves as the Executive Editor of the Journal for International Agricultural and Extension Education.


Though this award is typically presented at a ceremony in Washington, D.C., the current COVID-19 situation resulted in a virtual awards ceremony that took place on May 12. Lamm will receive her award as part of World Food Prize Symposium Week in October, 2020.


Though we cannot celebrate with our colleague in-person at this time, we hope you will join is in congratulating Lex for her amazing accomplishment!


To learn more about this award, visit the CAST website.


To familiarize yourself with Dr. Lamm’s work at UGA and beyond, visit her faculty page on the ALEC website.


Read the press release from the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.  

Alexa Lamm
Dr. Alexa Lamm was named the recipient of the 2020 Borlaug CAST Communicator Award because of her passion for and many accomplishments in the field of agricultural and science communication.