How to Receive Internship Credit

Congratulations! You’ve secured an internship. Before you can receive credit for this internship, you must complete the application and ensure that your host site has a current Memorandum of Understanding on file. Follow the directions below and observe the deadlines to ensure you are registered for course credit.


Complete Application

Please click the link below to complete your internship application before the deadlines listed on this page.

ALEC Online Internship Application

Your completed application will be forwarded to the instructor of your internship course. Your instructor will be in touch about the coursework required for receiving internship credit.


Complete a Memorandum of Understanding

 Before you are granted Permission of Department to register for your internship in ALDR/AGED/AGCM 3910, you must have the Memorandum of Understanding signed.

This process can take several weeks. You must submit a copy of the MOU signed by your internship supervisor by the deadline stated on   this page.

Email this MOU PDF to your internship supervisor and CC ALEC Department Staff at Use the suggested word below to draft your email with all the correct details. Please submit either a one (1) year MOU or a three (3) year MOU form. 

Once you receive a completed copy of the Memorandum of Understanding, email it to for routing through the legal process.


Suggested Wording for MOU Email

Hello (internship supervisor name),

I am excited for the opportunity to begin my internship work with (Company/Organization Name).

Attached is a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between (Company/Organization Name) and the University of Georgia. In order to receive    academic credit for my internship, this document must be filled out and signed. Once signed, the document will go through the UGA Office of    Legal Affairs.

 A couple of items to note about the MOU:

·       The section on the last page must have the dates of one complete year, not just the dates of my internship (i.e., June 1, 2020 – June 1, 2021).

·       This is a legal document designed to protect students and organizations. If you have any questions about the wording or need to see any changes, email the ALEC Department Staff Member at I’ve also copied ALEC staff in this email. They can help you get in touch with a member of the UGA Legal Team who is authorized to handle changes.

I will not be cleared to register for the course until this MOU is signed. Therefore, it is important to complete it as soon as possible.

Thank you for your help in completing this document and for the opportunity to serve as your intern!


(Student Name)



Registering for Your Internship Course

Once the MOU has completed the routing process and been approved, you will be cleared to register for your internship course. Your instructor will let you know when you have been granted Permission of Department.

Register for the number of credit hours approved by your instructor.

*If you are registering for AGCM 3910, the default number of credit hours is 2. You must adjust the number of hours to the approved amount from the dropdown menu in Athena.

Once registered, follow instructor email recommendations and access course content and requirements through eLC.

ALEC Department Student Internship Checklist 

Download the checklist and ensure you've taken all of the proper steps to receive your internship credit. 

ALEC Internship Application & MOU Deadlines

Summer Internships

Application – May 22

Signed MOU – May 29

Fall Internships

Application – August 6

Signed MOU – August 13

Spring Internships

Application – December 22

Signed MOU – January 6