Jessica Holt Assistant Professor Agricultural Leadership, Education & Communication
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Portrait of Jessica Holt


  • Ph.D. – Agricultural Education & Communication, Specializing in Communication – University of Florida 2015
  • MS  – Agricultural Communication – Oklahoma State University – 2010
  • BS – Agricultural Education and Communication, Specializing in Communication – University of Florida - 2007


Dr. Jessica Holt is originally from Plant City, Florida. Her background is in print design, photography and journalism within the agricultural industry. She worked in industry as a freelance writer, coordinator for youth activities, legislative assistant, and communication and public relations expert. Since completing her doctorate, she serves as the undergraduate coordinator for the Agricultural Communication major at UGA, teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in Agricultural Communication, and conducts research. She loves teaching and engaging with students on a daily basis, while implementing new and innovative teaching strategies to increase student preparedness for their future careers.

Research Interests

Dr. Holt’s research interests revolve around consumer engagement within the food, environmental and social systems. She is particularly passionate about connecting consumers with local farmers and producers to create a symbiotic relationship. Dr. Holt conducts research related technology and innovation useful in creating engaging environments and opportunities for the public to learn and engage with the food systems vital for everyday life.

Recent Publications

  • Holt, J., Rumble, J.N. Telg, R., & Lamm, A. (2015). The message or the channel: An experimental design of consumers’ perceptions of a local food message and the media channels used to deliver information. Journal of Applied Communications, 99(4), 6-19.
  • Rumble, J. N., Holt, J., & Irani, T. (2014). The power of words: Exploring consumers’ perceptions of words commonly associated with agriculture. Journal of Applied Communications, 98(2), 23-36.
  • Holt, J. A., & Cartmell, D. (2013). Consumers’ perceptions of the agricultural industry before and after watching the film Food, Inc. Journal of Applied Communications, 97(3), 45-56.