How to Apply for the MAEE Program

Step 1. Complete UGA Graduate School online application and pay the required fee.

Step 2. Take the GRE Graduate Record Exam ( or the Miller Analogy Test (MAT) (

International Students take the TOEFL. Link:

  • TOEFL score of 80 or higher for international students from non-English speaking nations
  • International Students: Once admitted, start your visa process immediately.

Step 3. Write and submit your Statement of Purpose (2 pages): The statement of purpose is the most important document used to determine your goals and motivation for earning a MAEE degree. This document is also used by the admission committee as a writing sample to determine your ability to compose a well constructed essay as well as better understanding your academic needs and fit within the ALEC department.

In 1-2 pages, please discuss 1) your future career goals, 2) how the MAEE graduate degree will benefit you professionally, 3) how your research (thesis option) or capstone project (non-thesis option) ideas fit within the ALEC disciplines, and 4) any communication you have had with ALEC faculty and if he/she will serve as your advisor.

To better understand our major see UGA Bulletin for ALEC courses under AGED, AGCM, and ALDR for course descriptions Link:

Step 4. If you are seeking an assistantship: Once fully admitted into the program, students will be considered for assistantships. Submit a Letter of Intent and resume to Dr. Kay Kelsey, Graduate Coordinator, detailing the reasons for pursuing an assistantship and how experience and education contribute to the department’s teaching, research, and Extension missions.

Deadline: Letters of intent for assistantships are due March 15 for Fall admission and October 15 for Spring admission. 

Once your packet is complete, your application will be reviewed by the Graduate Education Committee. You should receive notice of admission decision within two months of completing your application.