Seminar Series

The weekly seminar series is a joint partnership between the Animal and Dairy Science Department and the Agriculture, Leadership, Education and Communication Department at the University of Georgia. Each week, a highlighted speaker on a prominent topic within agriculture delivers a thought-provoking presentation followed with discussion from the audience. 

If you are interested in attending the weekly seminar series, we encourage students, faculty and those wanting to learn and engage with agricultural topics to drop by and engage in the conversation.

You can find us at the following location each Tuesday afternoon:

Location: Edgar Rhodes Animal Science Center, room 136. (Athens, GA).

Time: 3:45 p.m.

Find the complete schedule for the Spring 2019 Seminar Series by following the button below. 

Spring 2019 Seminar Series Schedule







22 Jan

Dr. Nick (Ranger Nick) Fuhrman, Professor of Environmental Education

Teaching with Animals: Using Animals as Ambassadors of Educational Messages

29 Jan

Dr. Leslie Edgar, Department Head, ALEC and Dr. Abigail Borron, assistant professor of Agricultural Communication

Literacy and the Media

05 Feb

Dr. Sarah Edwards, USDA-FSIS, Athens, GA

Food Safety Inspection Service, Chemical threats, and you!

12 Feb

Ms. Tess Hammock & Mr. Joel McKie

The Ins and Outs of Agricultural Policy in Georgia: An ALEC Alumni Story

19 Feb

Dr. James Anderson, Assistant Professor and Leadership Specialist

The Secrets to Effective Mentoring

26 Feb

Dr. Lynette McCluskey, Neuroscience & Regenerative Medicine, Augusta University

Lingual immune response to nerve injury

5 Mar

Dr. Abe Tidwell, Post-Doctoral Research Associate, Extension Eval.


19 Mar

Mr. Carlton Self, Territory Manager, John Deere

Leadership Experiences in John Deere: An ALEC Alumni Story

26 Mar

Brianna Bennett, Career Center, University of Georgia

Creating and maintaining a professional social media presence


02 Apr

Dr. Hongxiang Lu, Regenerative Bioscience Center, Animal & Dairy Science


09 Apr

Dr. Jacob Segers and Dr. Ashley Yopp, Animal and Dairy Science and ALEC



If you have any questions regarding the weekly seminar series, please contact Dr. Kevan Lamm using the information below. 

Kevan Lamm Assistant Professor
Agricultural Leadership, Education & Communication