Seminar Series

The weekly seminar series is a joint partnership between the Animal and Dairy Science Department and the Agriculture, Leadership, Education and Communication Department at the University of Georgia. Each week, a highlighted speaker on a prominent topic within agriculture delivers a thought-provoking presentation followed with discussion from the audience. 

If you are interested in attending the weekly seminar series, we encourage students, faculty and those wanting to learn and engage with agricultural topics to drop by and engage in the conversation.

You can find us at the following location each Tuesday afternoon:

Location: Edgar Rhodes Animal Science Center, Room 101. (Athens, GA).

Time: 3:45 p.m.

Find the current schedule for the Fall 2019 seminar series below. Check back for updates throughout the semester.





27 Aug

Don Chambers, Associate Director of Entrepreneurship at UGA


3 Sep    

10 Sep

Dr. Vanessa Ezenwa, IDEAS Program, Odum School of Ecology

Ecology Across Scales of Biology

17 Sep

Dr. Jessica Holt, ALEC Department

Communication Using Various Visual Media

24 Sep

Dr. Keith Atkins,  ALEC Department

Introducing the Community Diagnostic and Social Impact (CD+SI) Toolkit

01 Oct

Drs. Eric Rubenstein and Jason Peake, ALEC Department

Agricultural Education in Georgia Elementary Schools

08 Oct

Savannah Austin and Darren Seidel, Animal and Dairy Science students

What I did on my summer vacation…internship.  Adventures with the United Livestock Commodities and Merck Animal Health

15 Oct

Drs. Jason Peake and Nick Fuhrman, ALEC Department Getting Educational Messages to “Stick”

22 Oct

Dr. Mike Martin, Director of Extension County Operations

Careers in Extension: Thoughts from the Field

29 Oct

Dr. Kari Turner, Equine Specialist, Department of Animal and Dairy Science

Equine research and teaching at UGA

05 Nov

Dr. Don Edgar, ALEC Department

Evaluating People: How we Measure and Describe Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behaviors

12 Nov

Dr. Hendrik Den-Bakker, Bioinformatics and Epidemiology, Center for Food Safety, Griffin

Bioinformatic approaches to Epidemiology and Microbiology

19 Nov

Dr. Hea Jin Park, Department of Foods and Nutrition



If you have any questions regarding the weekly seminar series, please contact Dr. Kevan Lamm using the information below. 

Kevan Lamm Assistant Professor
Agricultural Leadership, Education & Communication