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Margaret Derby - Summer 2016 I accepted a position working for CARE USA in Atlanta as the Program Manager for Nutrilite Little Bits (NLB). NLB is a joint holistic program between CARE USA and Amway that works to fight childhood malnutrition through the use of a micro-nutrient powder. uLEAD had a profound impact on where am I today – in large part because CARE was the organization I did my internship with! uLEAD engaged me in self-awareness activities, goal setting and professional development exercises that allowed me to learn and grow in my internship position. I realized that networking was something far out of my comfort zone so I set a goal to have lunch with someone from outside my department once a month. The connections I made by doing that are a large part of what got me this job today! uLEAD helps students achieve a level of self-awareness that few millennial's have. Knowing and understanding your strengths, weaknesses, communication styles, and personality type are critical to success in life, and having guided discussions around those subjects is what makes this program unique and beneficial. It’s learning far different from the standard classroom setting, but it’s so much more important!

Sarah Sanderson - Summer 2016 I interned for one of the largest accounting firms in the world, and I believe 100% that uLEAD helped me get where I am today. I have become more confident in my ability to step up as a leader in different situations in the workplace, and after learning about leadership skills and traits in class, I learned how to adapt to different personalities- a trait that many employers look for during the hiring process. I enjoyed the ability to volunteer with the Athens-Clarke County community to put the lessons learned in class into practice. Many of the large companies that I have worked for encourage community service, and being able to speak about my past volunteer experiences through uLEAD was a huge advantage that many students do not already have. In addition to the real-world experiences, uLEAD provides flexibility in choosing classes that help build team-building skills, encourage open communication through class discussions, and inspire personal growth.

Jenna Leigh Councill - My years at UGA were some of the most memorable times. I came to college already blessed with so many leadership opportunities but was overwhelmed with the sheer amount of even more opportunities and ways to learn about leadership in general. As a sophomore, I took an Introduction to Leadership class with Dr. Duncan, thinking I already knew all the material since I was such a smart youngster. Fortunately, that was not the case. That class taught me so much about how an introverted student, such as myself, can have a powerful voice in the community, in my friendships, and even in the classroom. Dr. Duncan was a symbol of a leader who was honest and humble and I respected. This truly peaked my interest in what it meant to be an effective leader and I thought it was awesome that something like this was offered at a school! During my time at UGA, I was able to lead small groups at college ministries, go on mission trips, and dive into what it meant to be a leader. Without the guidance and knowledge I learned in uLEAD, I might not be in the position I am in now. I chose to major in Social Work and felt more confident to lead others toward their true potential. My summer and semester internships taught me humility, as well as confidence in what I was actually learning in the classroom. Above all, I loved that the ULEAD Program is even offered at such a big school and that we have passionate teachers who actually care to impact the next generation for good.

Julia Hemingway - BBDO Account Management Intern, Class of 2014.
Since graduation in 2014, I have been fortunate enough to work in a career that I am extremely passionate about. As a public relations professional in Atlanta Porter Novelli, I work across both sports and technology practices, along with pro-bono clients. My participation in the uLEAD certificate significantly impacted my career, especially when it came to teamwork and strong communication skills in working with pro-bono (nonprofit) clients in the Atlanta community. I highly recommend this certificate to all students, regardless of major, looking to grow their knowledge of community relations and leadership positions in future careers.

Liza Mackey, College of Education, 2014 said, “In the past four years I have completed several Leadership and Service classes in order to satisfy my uLEAD certificate. Little did I know that the concepts I learned and experiences I had would enhance my experience as a full time Fourth Grade Student Teacher. I have always been very confident in my leadership and education skills, but being fully immersed in a classroom has challenged some of my confidence.  When I started to feel my confidence minimizing I remembered Dr. Duncan’s lecture on focusing and working on your strengths. I believe teaching is the most influential aspect of leadership. Because of this I understand how important and crucial it is to be an effective teacher. Thanks to uLEAD I have learned that the first way to begin the process of leadership is to form a relationship. In addition to focusing on my personal strengths I have been able to discover the strengths of my individual students. Dwelling on their strengths has allowed them to build the necessary confidence to move forward, whether it be a math problem, science test, or art project. Thanks to uLEAD I have found my strengths and built the necessary relationships and confidence to begin educating the future.”

Andrew Kowalski (2014 alumni). After graduating from Georgia in Spring 2014, I moved to the DC area to work for Boosterthon, an elementary school fundraising partner. In July of 2015, I moved to Orange County, California to help a new branch of the organization start. The uLEAD certificate has been instrumental in my career. I learned how to be a better servant leader and lead with love and humility. I can honestly say that if not for uLEAD, I would not have had the career success that I have had to this point.

Megan Kelley - uLEAD provided me with the best experiences in my time at the University of Georgia. I had the opportunity to start my own hospice patient entertainment program under the supervision of a professor for class credit. The program provided me with chances to listen to phenomenal speakers, to read the best books, and to receive guidance from the most inspiring professors. The professors in the uLEAD program not only told me, but showed me how to be a leader. Through the program, I was given not only great opportunities to lead, but also great opportunities to serve the community. The leadership through service design of uLEAD taught me the most important lessons on leadership I will ever learn. uLEAD program taught me how to lead through real world experience.

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